Meeting Marcus Eaton was like a “predestined” fact: since the very first moment we got into a flow very tight, easygoing and direct. We immediately understood each other.

After few years, we started with a custom guitar around what he needed, as a virtuous musician and natural talented “songwriter”. As far as it may concerned my motto was: “Let’s make the guitar together”, so we got into custom design despite the distances: luckily Los Angeles-Genova is now easy to connect thanks to new technology.

This is how we start our first “on line” sessions via Skype, talking about instrument’s model, which raw wood to use, of the scale of the tuning fork and rosette inlays.


So we developed a instrument very exclusive, Brazilian Rosewood and Italian Spruce made, elegant and sensitive for its fingerpicking with a powerful voice thanks to its phrasing in order to support the texts. A guitar with a great sustain who someone, after trying it, was defined like “a piano”