About Sussone Guitars

I Make classical

and steel Strings Guitars

From raw material to emotion


Among luthier wise hands, a man recovers its ancestral debt with nature, which gives us its precious wood. Throughout woodworking, the luthier returns the raw material to the universe in a ennobled issue, renewed shape, texture and sound. This is how I give a chance to raw wood: with guitars making. In other hands, with the most expert musicians and the sound itself, increase the transformation that will reach out other people soul.

This is how a raw material turns itself into an emotion.


My instruments are built to suit customer’s preferences and needs, thus helping musicians to find the best solution for  sound and their own personal best idea of the guitar.

In other words, we build the Guitar together.

Hight Quality manufacture


My guitars are built using only the finest materials. The quarter-sawn silky soundboards and the rich Indian rosewood backs and sides are carefully chosen for their acoustic properties and visual beauty.

In the small details such as the rosette, abalone shell and mother of pearl is hand-matched for color and pattern.



Indian Rosewood


Flamed Maple



Makassar Ebony

Brazilian Rosewood

Aged woods  min. 5 up to 50 years old




From the Italian Alpine spruce top with its brightness and clarity to the cedar top with its responsiveness and warmth, each soundboard is worked to bring out its full acoustic potential. Whether you choose the elegant “standard” guitar or adorn the instrument with options (cutaway, figurated woods, special inlays) each instrument is set up for your optimal string action and neck adjustment before it leaves the workshop.guitar craftworkI build Classical and Steel Strings guitars.

My choice is first quality Italian “Val di Fiemme” spruce for the top, which I usually buy in Paneveggio’s Forest, and tropical aged woods for back and side, chose accoriding to musician’s needs.

Guitar craftwork & repair

  • Neck adjustment
  • Action set up
  • Setting intonation
  • Clean, restring and tune to pitch
  • Fret level and re-crowning
  • Partial and total re-frets
  • Stock & compound radius
  • Nickel/silver and stainless steel frets
  • Fretboard straightening and radius corrections
  • Brace repair
  • Body cracks
  • Top repairs
  • Bridge re-gluing & replacement
  • Broken headstock


Salita San Matteo 19 #int. 18 B
16123 – Genova – Italy


(+39) 340 – 90 90 147


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