Giua’s guitar was born from the need of express her different and natural art flows: from one side a strong and sensitive woman able to write refined compositions, on another side a talented guitarist with a South American’s temper, then a sharp painter of strong and powerful colors on canvas, like often her songs can be.

I have been thinking at one instrument able to collect warm and vibrant notes, by Latin woods, picking from the ones with particular color palettes, with both aesthetic and sound.

Here it comes the choice of Ziricote (Cordia Dodecandra) for back and sides, which is a very particular wood of Caribbean’s origin, typical for its contrasting veins and a unique sound, very different between the most usual rosewood. The combination with Italian Spruce (Picea abies) chosen for the harmonic plan creates a precious “color palette”, perfectly suiting for Giua’s favorite chords. Moreover, in order to make a custom guitar, I also found a connection between her artworks of material paintings. That is how the rosette is born, thinking at at Giua’s painting series, made with her favorite dominant colors: red, white and black.